Welcome to the Parish of Wilton, with Netherhampton & Fugglestone

St Mary & St Nicholas

Whether you visit us as a pilgrim or tourist, whether you are confident in your faith, curious to know more, or just plain sceptical – you will always be welcome in our churches.

Here you can discover:

A diverse community of over 4,000 people centred on Wilton, the ancient capital of Wessex and home to the Earl and Countess of Pembroke.
Three prayerful congregations, committed to beauty in worship and practical faith, caring for our neighbours as well as each other.
A strong musical tradition; with Parish Choir and a variety of concerts.
A range of activities and social groups for young and old.
A wealth of architectural interest.


You can now view services from our Parish Church.

Search for “Sunday Worship” in the list of Categories, or see the posts under “News and Events”.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Parish of Wilton, with Netherhampton & Fugglestone

  1. I am a Volunteer at St George Garrison Church that was bombed in the 2nd world war It was designed by the same person who designed your church. at present they are opening the crypt area removing lots of rubble. One section is still bricked up . I have been trying to find photos of your Crypt with no success. I was fortunate to visit a few years ago and never thought to see if it was possible to view the crypt as well As the 2 church’s are very alike. Maybe the crypt area will be as well. To give us an idea how our one would look.
    Ever hopeful
    Rita Hayes


  2. Dear Rita,
    How interesting!

    I’m not sure if there are images of the crypt here – as it is the private family vault of the Pembroke family (and has 5 “residents”) it is normally only accessible to Lord Pembroke and kept firmly closed. I do know that there are “turquoise” walls (i.e. painted that shade) with false marble panels (gold-ish) around the burial areas. There is also a (non-functioning) gas mantle, which was evidently a kind of 2perpetual light” – positioned so it lined up with two, cross-shaped, openings in the wall. At night time there must have been a gentle light emanating from the crypt – very theatrical!!

    I will see if I can find anything out, and would love to see what you find there! All best wishes, Mark Wood


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