Minutes of APCM 2019

Record of the Annual Meeting of Parishioners – May 2019

1. Attendance.  63 Parishioners were present, 15 written and many verbal apologies had been received.

2.  Election of Church Wardens. The following were unanimously elected:

                                    Mr Peter Gulliver for his third year.

                                    Mr Andy Tyrer for his second year.

The Chairman expressed his thanks to the Church wardens for their diligent work on behalf of the Parish over the past year, this was greeted with applause.

3.  Confirmation of Deputy Church Wardens. The Rector announced that Katie Ray had been nominated by St Catherine’s DCC and Bill Hewlett and Sylvia Holloway at St Peter’s. The Churchwardens confirmed that they were content to delegate responsibilities accordingly.

There being no other business the meeting was closed.

Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting

held in the Parish Church

on Sunday 12 May 2019

Chairman: Revd Mark Wood. Present:  63 Parishioners

1.  Apologies.  See above.

2.  Inventories. The Church inventories were circulated around the meeting.

3.  Minutes. The minutes of the 2018 Annual Church Meeting had been made available and the Secretary stated that they had been scrutinised in detail; the Chairman asked that they be agreed.

Proposed: Christine Stott   Seconded: Lynn Morley

          All in favour

4.  Annual Report 2018.  The Rector quoted from the Annual Report 2018  (Annex A – published prior to the meeting) referring to changes in personnel, church groups, community involvement and matters relating to the three church buildings.

5.  Treasurer’s Report.  (An extract of the accounts was made available at the meeting, the full accounts having been previously displayed in church.)       

The Treasurer drew attention to the key points as follows;

             a.   General     St Mary & St Nicholas Church recorded a small surplus

of income over expenditure in its General Fund over the year, amounting to £643, on a turnover of some £101,000.  This included the final two months payment of our Diocesan Share for 2017, which had to be carried forward to this year and was paid in full.  A grant of £9,760 from the Wallace Bequest allowed the final two months’ worth of our Diocesan Share demands for 2018 to be paid in full and thus no liabilities have had to be carried forward to 2019.

                b.  Expenditure    Expenditure in 2018 was broadly similar to 2017, with the principal expenses being our Diocesan Share, Insurance, Gas and Electricity charges, maintenance and repairs to the boiler system. The major upgrade to our electrical systems throughout the Church, which was started in 2017, continued in 2018. Payment for this work amounted to some £45,500 and was met principally from the Appeal Fund, pending a further bid to the Preservation Trust, whose income is designed for just this purpose.

                c. Diocesan Share   The Parish Diocesan Share contribution was set at £58,545 in 2018 – or £4,880 monthly, with St Catherine’s and St Peter’s contributing 6.5% and 6% of this sum respectively. Once again this represented over 50% of our annual expenditure.  Our Share contribution from the Parish for 2019 has been marginally reduced and will now amount to £58,182 or £4,850 monthly, with St Catherine’s and St Peter’s continuing to bear their 6.5% and 6% burden respectively.

                d             Charitable Giving   Donations made in 2018 were split between selected ‘Charities of the Quarter and amounted to some £2,050. 

                e.    Stewardship Collections at weekly Services and regular monthly donations continued to form the bulk of our income. Together with donations to the Church and support to our chosen monthly charities, this amounted to £61,300, a figure broadly similar to 2016.  Some 76% of these donations were Gift Aided.

                f.   Other Income   Fund raising events, Parish Fees for weddings and funerals, concert fees and a grant from the Wilton Educational Trust all contributed to the remainder of the overall income for the year. This amounted to a total of £101,620 for the Parish.

The full summary that the Treasurer provided is at …………………………………Annex B

Liz Pike drew attention to the large bank charges and suggested that it should be possible to find an account with a bank that didn’t charge.  The treasurer agreed to look at it.

The Rector thanked the Treasurer for his enormous contribution to the Parish.  This was greeted with much applause.

6.   Stewardship – Parish Giving Scheme.  The Rector reported that the parish is now registered with the scheme and gave a short reminder of the mechanics of the scheme. Those currently giving by Standing Order would shortly be invited to transfer into the scheme, which could then be extended to others if they wish to take part.

Nick Barsby raised the issue whether collections would be continued to be taken during services, and whether “tokens” might be used for those who donate purely through the Giving Scheme. The general consensus was that collections would remain, and that tokens might be made available to those who wished to sue them.

7.  Appointment of Examiner. The Rector thanked Ray Stedman for his diligent examination of the accounts and said that he was willing to serve again.  He was appointed examiner for a further year.

8.  Electoral Roll.  The Rector announced that Lucy Dalrymple was to remain as Electoral Roll Officer but in future the administration of the Roll was to be through the Parish office.

The numbers on the Roll were 184 (with one addition since the date of publication) – a significant fall from previous years but a more accurate reflection of those actively involved in the church.  

9.             Rector’s Address. (Annex C)

Peter  Gulliver, as senior Churchwarden, addressed the meeting and thanked the Rector for all that he had done over the past year.  This was greeted by enthusiastic applause.

10.  Election of the Parochial Church Council for the Year 2019/2020.  The following had been nominated and seconded. The Rector asked that they be accepted.

1Katie RaySt. Catherine’s DCC
2Earle Broadbent 
3Nick Barsby 
4Dawn Humphries 
5Lisa Humphries 
6Lynn Morley 
7Richard Norris 
8Christine Stott 
9Neill O’ConnorTreasurer
10Tim RobertsonSecretary
11Madeleine DrageDeanery Synod Member
12Christine LawsonDeanery Synod Member
13Tim PurchaseDeanery Synod Member
Ex-Officio:  Rector  Mark Wood Curate Caroline Titley 2 Churchwardens   Peter Gulliver   Andy Tyrer

Proposed: Liz Pike   Seconded: Peter Lawson

All in favour

10a.   PCC Officials.  Following a proposal by the Rector, N O’Connor and T Robertson were duly elected as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

11.   Appointment of Sidespersons. The following had volunteered for Sidesperson duties for the forthcoming year.  The Rector asked that they be approved.          

Alexandra Kinsey

Andrew Kinsey

Ann Hindley

Ann Meredith

Caroline Fanner

Christine Stott

David Newth

David Willmets

Diane Poynting

Emma Codrington

Emma Cox

Frances Bennett

Grahame Booth

Jane Stedman

Lucy Dalrymple

Peter Gale

Pippa Tyrer

Ray Stedman

Richard Lord

Richard Norris

Roger Best

All in favour

12.   Safeguarding – “Past Cases Review”.  The Rector reported that the Diocese was undertaking a review of safeguarding matters, asking each Parish to investigate records since 1950 and to ensure that any allegations of abuse, by clergy or Church officeholders, be reported to the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer by the end of May.

Written records had been checked and contact made with two former incumbents and former churchwardens/church officers. Parishioners with any knowledge of allegations were also asked to contact the Rector before the end of May.

13. Future Events. The Rector drew attention to the following:

          a.   30 JuneSt Peter’s day”. There would be a public meeting at St Peter’s, to try to reignite interest in a development plan for the building. The Rector has been advised that the cost of the church to mains electricity would be c.£2000 and that there might be sources of funding available for this.

          b.   St Edith’s Fayre on 15 September.  This will mark the beginning of Wilton History Festival. Building on the previous year’s pattern, with Civic Service in the afternoon, it was to make this our main social and fundraising event for the year – with stalls and a Grand Draw during the time between the two services.

Helpers would be needed to manage this.

          c.  Lighting of the Town Christmas tree.  There was uncertainty over the timing of this event – with a possibility that it would be moved to Friday 6th December.  

          d.   There were also new possibilities at the parish Church, as the Salisbury Community Choir would no longer be holding their annual Carol Concert in Wilton. Possibilities included a joint concert with the District Band, to be held in either the Michael Herbert Hall or church and Community Centre and a Carol Service, requested by Francesca Wilson. Peter Redpath was keen that the latter should follow the nine lessons and carols format. The Rector stated that careful balance was needed – since St Catherine’s already hosts an Advent Carol service in this format and a similar Christmas Carol service on one of the two services before Christmas.

14.  Distribution of Holy Communion. The Rector summarised the revised system for distribution of Communion at the 10.45 Eucharist – designed to avoid the need for the congregation to negotiate the Chancel steps. He noted that this revision was not universally welcomed, but that it has seemed to work extremely well, both “aesthetically” and practically, and that he proposed we should continue.

This was met with general approval, with some contrary opinion acknowledged.

15.  Items by Consent.  

          a.  Christine Lawson raised the subject of the promised crossing of the A36 from Wilton Hill. Ivan Seviour, on behalf of the Town Council, confirmed that the crossing was still planned and part of the agreement needed before the developer could “sign off”, but that there had been difficulty finding a suitable contractor.

          b.  The Rector drew attention to Morning Prayer, which is held at 0930 each morning, as a useful spiritual and refreshing ten minutes to start the day.

16Signing of the Inventories. The inventories, having passed scrutiny by the meeting, were signed by the Senior Church Warden and a lay member of the congregation. Ann Hindley thanked Peter Gulliver for his excellent re-writing of the inventory. This was greeted by generous applause.  

There being no further business the meeting closed at 12.55 PM