Alabare – Emergency Appeal

Urgent appeal from Alabare – founded in Wilton, now struggling due to impact of Coronavirus.

Message from Helen Inglis, Church Engagement Officer below..

alabare ep

As you know, here at Alabaré we are working with very vulnerable people. The homeless people we support are extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus; 75% of our homeless clients have underlying health issues and many have no one else to turn to.
Our dedicated teams are on the front line working around the clock to keep our clients safe. We are getting rough sleepers into our homes where we can support them if they fall ill, and helping vulnerable and scared people to self-isolate, making sure they have a safe home, food and medication in this time of urgent need.
‘Rough sleepers do not have access to the soap and water we are all using to help protect ourselves. They do not have the means to self-isolate. The vast majority are more susceptible to illness and many have complex underlying health problems. If the virus does spread, homeless people could be amongst the first to die.’
Sue, Alabaré Homeless Service Manager
Coronavirus is already putting huge strains on Alabaré financially. Our charity’s services are facing unprecedented challenges and are putting emergency procedures into place. Our fund-raising events over the next 6 months have all had to be postponed and we are facing an immediate loss of at least £100,000 at a time when we desperately need that money to help save lives. If we are unable to raise this money quickly, this virus threatens our charity’s survival.
You can access the online appeal through our website (link below), by cheque to ‘Alabaré Christian Care & Support’ or I would be delighted to send you our bank details if you are able to make a direct transfer.